Getting Around Mombasa

Mombasa city is bisected by two main roads: Moi Avenue, which runs from the industrial area to the west of the island, and then becomes Nkrumah Avenue to Fort Jesus in the east, and Digo Road that crosses it in the center of the city around the Old Town.

Most of the towns are linked by a good road network with a steady stream of matatus & tuks tuks.  Most of the roads are in good tarred condition with a few occasional potholes.

Self-driving is also a good option in this city; distances between the towns and sights are relatively short and there are plenty of places to stop for petrol, lunches or take a break. Driving around Mombasa gives a good opportunity to enjoy the beach-side, especially the unique warm & azure ocean and the mind-blowing cultural heritage.

How to Travel

  • Matatus – Operated by independent companies, matatus are the most affordable means of transport around the region. You can take a matatu from any town or stage within the city.
  • Taxi – Available in all parts of the region. From Moi International airport, your homestay or hotel, you can have them call their partner taxis. To get from the airport to the center of town, you will need to take a taxi.
  • Car – Rental cars are easy to get. Once in the main city of Mombasa, you request the service of car rentals.
  • Tuk tuks – The best way to get around the most interior and inaccessible parts of a region.

Tours in Mombasa

Because of the number of sights to see, first-time visitors should start with an organized tour. Some places can be covered in depth, others are just useful for getting your bearings. Guides offer walking tours, including visits to National Parks, museums, and historic locations, as well as the beach.

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